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2020-04-04 11:03 Apr 20, 2019 Back at it, getting it all sorted out before painting. On today's video I show you how I base and do some minor fixes with greenstuff to my April's pledge for the army I want to have painted for

Mar 31, 2017 Part Four of my series: Painting Miniatures with regular acrylic paints (Reeves in this case). In this video Ill show how I washes for painting miniatures using acrylic paint. If you have any youtube painting miniatures washes Oct 12, 2016 Painting Miniatures pt 3: Basecoat, Wash, and Highlights WASD20. start some highlights and use a wash on the miniature to provide some shade and help the details pop. Next time we'll be doing

Jul 05, 2013 My ninth video of a series, specifically designed for beginners, where I will be going over all of the steps of painting miniatures is detail. In this video, I go over important details of how to youtube painting miniatures washes

Jan 05, 2012  The Basics is a series going over the very basics of miniature painting. Ink and washes are an easy way to shade your models. There are more Dec 05, 2018  Using washes when painting your miniatures can save you a ton of time. Theyre great at quickly shading a model to give it depth, and its really easy to do. Its perfect if youve got to batch paint a lot of stuff, or you just want to save some time. Jan 08, 2017 In this video I'll show you what colors you'll need and how to paint red, burgundy, yellow, green, black and grey. I will be using washes and inks exclusively for this part of the tutorial. It is youtube painting miniatures washes Apr 11, 2016 Originally, I was just going to do a tutorial for how to do washes for shading but I went ahead and showed the rest of the painting process and flocking the Jul 07, 2014 In this episode of Miniature Painting 101, Jay shows how to make washes or shades for your miniatures using oil paints. This technique can be used to make an INSANELY large amount of different

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