Link gmail account to youtube on android

2020-02-19 23:30 Aug 01, 2012  Click the link Change Google Account. Unlinking your Google Account from your YouTube Account is serious business so Google wants you to confirm you know what youre doing by entering a verification code. Enter the code shown and click Unlink My Accounts. When prompted to confirm the unlinking, click OK.

Learn more in the YouTube Kids Parental Guide. Change YouTube Kids settings. On your device, open the Family Link app. Select your child. On the Settings card, tap Manage settings More YouTube Kids. You won't see YouTube Kids if you haven't set up the app on their Android device. link gmail account to youtube on android Dec 22, 2016 In this video you will watch How To Add Multiple GMail Account In Android Subscribe: Leave your comments below. How T

Apr 28, 2016 Click the link Sign in as a different user. Enter the email address and password of the new account you want the YouTube account linked to. Click Link Accounts when completed. You should now receive a green box telling you the account has now been linked to your Google Account. How To Link a YouTube Account to a New Google Account use this link to refer the steps. link gmail account to youtube on android

Apr 12, 2012 I have done it once but i dont remember how to do it again. I made a new gmail and i wanted to connect it to youtube. I log on with google on youtube with no problems but when i try to log on it in my phone, it says that the two accounts are not linked. link gmail account to youtube on android

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