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2020-02-21 20:55 This touching video captures a few beautiful minutes between a dog named Himalaya, and a little boy named Hernn (who has Down Syndrome). Hernn does not like to be touched (according to his

Oct 02, 2013  In a video that is warming hearts worldwide, a playful Labrador retriever gradually wins over a toddler with Down syndrome to earn a hug from a boy youtube dog and down's syndrome boy Oct 01, 2013 Here's a video that proves once again why a dog is a man's best friend. A Labrador befriended a 3yearold boy with Down syndrome and the child's mother caught their touching interaction on camera

This little boy learned the value of having a furry friend in the sweetest way possible. Hernan is a young boy who has Down Syndrome. His mother, Ana, wanted him to have a companion who he could grow with. She brought a dog, Himalaya, home to be a part of the family. youtube dog and down's syndrome boy

Dec 23, 2012 Category News& Politics; Song You Are So Beautiful; Artist Carnie Wilson; Writers Billy Preston, Bruce Fisher; Licensed to YouTube by People with Down Syndrome face struggles on a daily basis. They find it tough to make friends and are often left feeling rather lonely. Since a lot of people are ready to jump to conclusions and judge someone with Down Syndrome, this 3yearold boy with Down Syndrome needed a friend who would be nonjudgmental and accept him for who he is. Oct 21, 2013 This is the heartwarming moment that a gentle dog befriends a young boy with Down's Syndrome and persuades the child to play. Herman, now five, from La Plata, Buenos Aires, was captured on camera youtube dog and down's syndrome boy Oct 30, 2018  Dogs; Little Boy Who Has Down Syndrome Has The Sweetest Bond With His Dog. By. The Animals Page October 30, 2018. Dogs have always been called the mans best friends and it has been proved to be right. To this day, a dog owner knows what pure bliss it is to have a dog. YouTube. Hernan cannot freely talk and interact with others due to Feb 05, 2013 A yellow labrador retriever dog and a young child with down syndrome interact. The dog is being very loving and kind to the young boy. The dog is very playful and gentle and seems to communicate Dec 18, 2012  Dog Guards Down Syndrome Child Duration: Inspirational story about Reds' bat boy with down syndrome Duration: 4: 21. This Man With Down Syndrome Approached A Queens Guard,

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