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2020-02-17 03:53 Feb 15, 2013 Meteorite Explodes Over Russia (Video) the burst was caused by a Russian air missile. Many amateur videos caught the action and the sonic boom. might have something to do with asteroid

Feb 18, 2013 Feb 15, 2013 A small meteorite streaked through the skies above Russia's Urals region. The blast, equivalent to 300, 000 tons of TNT, shattered windows, damaged more than 3, 000 building and youtube video asteroide russia Feb 15, 2013 Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteor explosion that stirred panic in Urals region Meteorite explosions in the skies of Russia's Urals region has sparked panic in three major cities

Feb 15, 2013 At a news conference Friday, NASA scientists said the object that exploded over Russia was a tiny asteroid that measured roughly 45 feet across, weighed about 10, 000 tons and traveled about youtube video asteroide russia

Feb 15, 2013 Asteroid 2012 DA14 cluster hits earth. Scientist claimed there was no chance earth would get hit apparently they didn't think about clusters and fragments. Perhaps there is something they are Feb 15, 2013  A meteor streaked across the sky above Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday morning, causing sharp explosions and reportedly injuring around youtube video asteroide russia

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