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2020-02-24 13:58 Mar 25, 2014  Tamara Seibert (25 years old, Toronto, ON) has her dog Vado's leash caught in an elevator, what happens next will shock you As seen on Inside Edition, CP24, CityTV, and in

Oct 06, 2010 Security camera got in tape when i fail at notice my dog's leash was through the door. Fortunetly i broke the leash with my hands at time (i don't know how) and she is in perfect state until now ) youtube dog leash caught in elevator Mar 27, 2014 Tamara Seibert boarded the elevator with her two dogs to go from the 11th floor to the parking garage in her condo building. The doors closed. And then everything went horribly wrong. The doors

The 10 foot leash was still caught in the elevator doors with Scruffy somewhere on the other side. Laverne called 911 and emergency crews responded to the scene where they found the dog sitting next to the elevator and cut the leash. youtube dog leash caught in elevator

A young boy and a woman in Russia entered an elevator. When they weren't looking a dog on a leash quickly ran into the elevator, but it's leash got caught in the elevator door. As the elevator moved the dog was lifted and left hanging by its collar. The woman pressed the emergency button and eventually the dog fell back down to the floor. Mar 26, 2014  Lucky escape for dog after its leash is caught in elevator door and terrified owner manages to free it as it begins to choke. CCTV footage captured its owner entering the lift May 31, 2013  A new leash of life: Dog caught in elevator doors by its lead is rescued at the last moment as hero frees it from its collar. The scary moment was caught youtube dog leash caught in elevator Feb 21, 2017  A Toronto dog owner had to think fast when her Rottweilers leash got stuck in the elevator doors, causing him to be pulled up by his neck. Tamara Seibert broke two fingers in the process, but managed to free her choking dog from his collar. Feb 19, 2016 A terrifying video shows a worker at an apartment complex in Springfield, Missouri, saving a dog after the pup's leash gets caught in an elevator door. In the video, the dog's owner walks in the Apr 25, 2014  Terrifying footage shows the moment a dog's leash got trapped in an elevator door and he was nearly choked to death. Shocking surveillance Oct 13, 2016 Dog Saved Just In Time After Leash Gets Stuck In Elevator. YouTubeBen Duke In the clip, a man is seen entering a hotel elevator holding his dog on a leash, not realizing that the pet was still outside when the doors closed and the lift began to rise.

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