Youtube video quality after upload

2020-02-21 13:27 Nov 20, 2013 Poor quality HD after uploading to YouTube Showing 123 of 23 messages. I don't understand why my internet connection would play a role in the quality of an uploaded video, can't I upload the same quality videos as an 'enterprise quality internet connection' (whatever that is) with the only caveat being that I'd have to wait longer for my

Below are recommended upload encoding settings for your videos on YouTube. Container: MP4 No Edit Lists (or the video might not get processed correctly) moov atom at the fr youtube video quality after upload Dec 24, 2012  Best Answer: The less a video is reencoded prior to uploading, the better the resulting YouTube video quality. We encourage you to upload your videos as close to the original source format as possible, with a minimum of intermediate reencoding steps. Each reencoding can generally degrade the quality

Dec 30, 2015 I choose 1080p and still it looks really bad quality! The video before uploaded to youtube looks great so basically youtube Downgrades my videos A LOT! I use Vegas pro 13 to edit and render them! After the render videos look great after upload to youtube. . very BAD! youtube video quality after upload

Mar 05, 2015 There's two questions here: 1. ) how do you prevent YouTube from altering the quality of your videos, and 2. ) why are you only seeing a 240p option after uploading a 1080p video. The first thing is that you have no control over what YouTube does w Aug 13, 2017 I'm recording videos with Nvidia Instant replay and uploading them on Youtube, the file on my PC is high quality and great but once I upload the video on Youtube it become kind of blurry sometimes. I don't know what causes this as I don't have any experience in video editing or uploading. I Tried finding the answer by myself but without success. youtube video quality after upload

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