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2020-02-24 13:43 Also in 2015, the Josh Gates series Expedition Unknown visited Bedford to investigate the Beale Ciphers and search for the treasure. Simon Singh's 1999 book The Code Book explains the Beale cipher mystery in one of its chapters. In 2010, an awardwinning animated short film was made concerning the ciphers called The Thomas Beale Cipher.

Sep 13, 2015  More than a century ago, a small pamphlet was published titled The Beale Papers, which contained three cipher texts. The mysterious codes supposedly gave directions to a treasure buried in a secret location in Bedford County, Va. , in the 1820s. The cryptic texts have captured the imagination and enthusiasm of avid cryptographers and treasure hunters ever since. thomas beale cipher youtube Mar 23, 2011 Based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code. The film contains 16 hidden messages that hold clues to the characters' secrets. Eight are fairly easy requiring only a close eye. Six are

Apr 03, 2015 A short video providing a brief introduction to the Beale Ciphers and how to solve the type of cryptogram that was used to Thomas Jefferson Beale to hide his treasure. thomas beale cipher youtube

Oct 27, 2015 The Beale ciphers, also referred to as the Beale Papers, are a set of three ciphertexts, one of which allegedly states the location of a buried treasure of gold, silver and jewels estimated to be thomas beale cipher youtube

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