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2020-03-29 08:54 Dec 18, 2016 LakeMaster accommodates a lot of lakes in every region of the country, but not every lake has been mapped. Don't fret, this is where AutoChart Live comes in. Category

AutoChart& AutoChart PRO do it instantly and your data is kept private, so your competition is none the wiser. Compatible with select ONIX, ION, 1100, 900, 800, 600 and 300 Series models. Lakemaster AutoChart Pro offers all the leading features of AutoChart with two key enhancements designed to give tournament anglers a competitive edge. lakemaster autochart youtube Mar 05, 2015 Today we walk through converting your sonar readings to a useable map on the Humminbird AutoChart system. The steps are as follows: Import Sonar Logs Click Generate Map Click Lakemaster

Sep 02, 2014 Jon Thelen demonstrates in detail how to create a lake map with Lakemaster accuracy and detail with the Autochart and Autochart Pro software available exclusively for Humminbird sonar and GPS units. lakemaster autochart youtube

Jul 06, 2011 LakeMaster and Humminbird Electronics offer Exclusive Map Customization Features to help you increase your efficiency on the water. Tips 'n Tricks 30: LakeMaster Charts for Humminbird Features AutoChart uses your Humminbird sonar returns and GPS to build customized charts. Simply record that information onto an AutoChart Zero Lines map card (included), import that data into the AutoChart PC program, and convert it into a lake map. Humminbird's LakeMaster AutoChart includes an SD Card loaded with Zero Lines of more than 10 million bodies of water in North America and is formatted to your recorded sonar logs. Also included is a DVD of AutoChart's proprietary software that uses your Humminbird sonar returns and GPS data to build your charts which are Minn Kota i lakemaster autochart youtube

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