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2020-02-16 19:17 Also known as Ghost Chile. The Guinness Book of World Records hottest pepper in the world from 2007 through 2010, Bhut Jolokia measures over one million units on the Scoville scale! More than a novelty, these orangered peppers which grow up to 212 to 312 long at maturity, can be used to spice up cuisine, but should be eaten with extreme

The Mustard Bhut Jolokia is a mustard colored variant of the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chile. I obtained my seeds from the master chile grower and friend Christopher Phillips. The Mustard Bhut Jolokia are extremely hot. Some Youtube reviewers say its the hottest Ghost pepper they have ever tasted! jolokia chili youtube The Bhut jolokia (IPA: [bt. zlkija), also known as ghost pepper, ghost chili and ghost jolokia, is an interspecific hybrid chili pepper cultivated in the Northeast Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. It is a hybrid of Capsicum chinense and Capsicum frutescens and is closely related to the Naga Morich of Nagaland and Bangladesh.

Jun 28, 2012 Bhut Jolokia ( ghost chilli) Discussion in 'Members Club ' started by I have eaten it, although haven't grown it myself. It's extremely hot, one chili pepper is good enough for 89 people, you just eat a small piece of the whole thing. The Bhut Jolokia (Naga Ghost Chili) YouTube Gordon Ramsays Great Escape Bhut Jolokia jolokia chili youtube

Oct 10, 2011 Eating a Ghost Chili Pepper (NagaBhut Jolokia) with severe consequences This guy has never eaten a spicy thing in his life and decides to go all out and eat a Ghost Chili Pepper the Jul 17, 2011 my Bhut Jolokia plant with a lot of fruits: ) Bhut Jolokia is one of the hottest chilis of the world (more than 1Million Scoville), just ask wikipedia big Bhut Jolokia chili pepper plant with Bhut Jolokia. The Bhut Jolokia Chili comes from Assam in India. The world's former hottest chilli in the world brings fire into your life! Whether in Chilli cultivation or in the hot dishes, Bhut Jolokia is for many Chiliheads the ultimate when it comes to Chillis! jolokia chili youtube Hot Sauces that contain the Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) Oct 28, 2013 Chili Pepper# 289: White Bhut Jolokia (garden): Hendrix1326. Loading Unsubscribe from Hendrix1326? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 515. Jan 22, 2016 The bhut jolokia chilli is one of the spiciest chillies available, on average 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce. Here on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel we want to showcase Feb 01, 2011 Mix Two Girls Eat a Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia Chile): Hottest Pepper in the World YouTube; Bodycam Footage Shows Police Shootout in Tulsa, Oklahoma Duration: 30: 39.

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