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2020-02-25 14:32 UPDATE 5: 20pm ET: YouTube confirmed that they are aware of the bug, and that subscribers arent actually being lost, with a tweet to Ethan Klein of H3h3productions: @h3h3productions We're aware! No subs or data is lost, it's an issue w how the sub count# is being displayed. We're working to fix it. Team YouTube (@TeamYouTube) February 8

The best way to avoid lost YouTube subscribers from real subscribers is simply to continue focusing on bettering your content and your channel. A great way to start is by collaborating with YouTubers. With our app, Grin, you can start meeting other creators like you. lost subscribers on youtube Here are the 7 YouTube Channels that lost their subscribers after some point of time. Akshay Chandra 3 years ago Gone were the days when YouTube audience subscribes to a

Lost 70 Subscribers overnight and they are still subscribed. (self. youtube) submitted 1 year ago by TheChrisB. Very strange thing is going on YT. Over night a lot of creators lost their subscribers and those are significant drops. I checked my subscribers and they still are subbed. When YouTube identifies subscribers as spam or otherwise lost subscribers on youtube

52 rows  This article lists the fifty mostsubscribed channels on the video platform YouTube. The Generally speaking, these large jumps are the result of either an algorithmic change, or a significant delayed cleanup happening all at once. This change is affecting all channels (as far as I can tell) in amounts varying from 2 sub loss to 25 sub loss. Mar 20, 2019  TSeries on Thursday again pulled ahead of YouTubes PewDiePie as the No. 1 mostsubscribed channel on the platform but again the vloggergamercomedian fans lost subscribers on youtube If were defining this strictly as subscribers lost rather than careers gone stale or otherwise Id imagine its probably Pewdiepie or one of the top subbed channels naturally. As a creator you can see this number in your YouTube dashboard as subs The Subscribers report shows how youve gained and lost subscribers across different content, locations, and dates. Subscribers are viewers who tend to interact more with your content and watch your videos on a regular basis. Mar 16, 2018 Hi Friends! My channel is new so please support us! In this video i show you how to stop lost subscribers problem on our channels. If you have need this kindly watch this video and stop your lost For the past month or so, YouTube star Shane Dawson could have expected to gain anywhere between 12, , 000 new subscribers per day. On Monday, though, he lost subscribers for the first time in

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