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2020-02-21 21:38 Dec 26, 2011 Dockyard Doris (Colin Devereaux) on top form, singing her signature tune 'Over The Lea' in the 1999 Summer Show at the Winter Gardens, Margate. This was Colin's one and only Summer Season and he

Dec 26, 2011 Colin Devereaux as Dockyard Doris was superb in this, his only summer season. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and the audiences enjoyed him. Here he portrays Shirley Temple singing 'On The Good Ship youtube dockyard doris Dec 26, 2011 Dockyard Doris (Colin Devereaux) pays tribute to Sophie Tucker in the 1999 Winter Gardens Margate Summer Season. This was Colin's only summer season. He loved it, and was superb.

Mar 02, 2009 Is it true that a certain royal was known as 'Dockyard Doris' by his contemporaries when in the forces? youtube dockyard doris

Jan 19, 2016 Why was Prince Edward called Dockyard Doris by his fellow trainee marines? Follow. 12 answers 12. He was never called this by his fellow trainee marines. This is a name that I have only seen here, posted by disgruntled antimonarchists. What is the connection between Prince Edward (earl of Wessex) and Dockyard Doris ? Do you call it Dec 22, 2008 This recording was made at the Oriental pub in Brighton on the 11th October 1998. In memory of the wonderful Dockyard Doris. This recording illustrates the talent, wit and character of Colin Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in. Watch Queue Queue youtube dockyard doris Jan 09, 2012 Prince Edward (Dockside Doris) and His Grasping, Nouveau Riche Beard Accepted Jewels From Despot. Quelle suprise. 'Gems accepted by the Countess of Wessex from Bahrain's royal family should be sold to benefit victims of the regime's crackdown on prodemocracy campaigners, according to a former foreign office minister. May 03, 2015  I first saw Colin Devereaux performing at the Lord Hood pub in the early 1980s. Off stage Colin was a quiet and sensitive man. On stage as Dockyard Doris he was an outrageous performer with a wide repertoire influenced by music hall traditions By Photographer, Phil Maxwell. Weird and Wonderful East London Gay History celebrates the lives of famous gay men, gay celebrities and gay icons from the worlds of FilmTV, Art, Design, Music, Literature, Business and Politics. 200 Intimate Profiles Tchaikovsky to George Michael, Oscar Wilde to Truman Capote, Salvador Dali to David Hockney, Yves St Laurent to Gianni Versace, Rock Hudson to Stephen Fry to name but a few they form a vast and exciting

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