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2020-02-24 14:53 KB0104 Logging intoout of YouTube for iPad (iOS 6 and up) To fully log out, you must delete these details. Tap on Sign In in the top left corner as if to sign in again. You will see your account there, and potentially other accounts of people who have logged onto that iPad; tap Manage and then Remove your account. You will now have fully logged out successfully.

Nov 03, 2012 How do I find the comments section on YouTube, Since I uploaded the newest iOS the built in YouTube app has dissapeard and is no longer avalible to get, so I use safari and go through that Internet to YouTube, there is one problem I'm logged into my account and when I'm watching videos I can't see a comments section anywhere below how can I find this, can anyone help? how to like comments on youtube ipad In addition, if someone else has commented on a video, you can reply to their comment, or like or dislike their comment. Other YouTube users can also do the same thing for you. Note that you must be logged into YouTube to leave a comment or likedislike, either on a video itself or on another person's comment.

Oct 15, 2012  The official YouTube iPad app is no longer available in iOS 6. Until Google offers a better alternative, there are other ways to watch YouTube on the iPad and get access to your account. YouTube on the iPad: Options for Watching YouTube Videos Use Safari. 15 Oct, 2012. Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter how to like comments on youtube ipad

Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone or iPad Since you have never done it before, uploading Videos to YouTube might seem like a geeky and complicated process to you. However, the process is very simple in case you are uploading videos from your iPhone. How Do I Block YouTube On My iPad? Question: How can I prevent my kids from watching youtube videos on my iPad? Asked by Jackie T. March 5th, 2012 (Updated: December 12th, 2014) Answer: From your home screen, open the Settings app and tap on General. Scroll down to Restrictions and tap it. Here's how to download YouTube videos on iPad sweepingly fast& over the air. No iTunes needed. The only tool required is a YouTube downloader for iPad. how to like comments on youtube ipad Jul 01, 2016 If the video has comments, underneath the video and all related videos the word Comments with a number next to it (which I assume is number of comments) will appear. Click on the word, and poof, the comments show up. Sign in to YouTube. In the comments below a video, select the comment you want like to pin. Click the menu icon Pin. If you've already pinned a comment, this will replace it. Note: You can Unpin a comment at any time. The comment will be moved back to Mar 29, 2019  How to Leave Comments on YouTube. This wikiHow teaches you how to comment on a YouTube video, as well as how to leave a comment that will be wellreceived. Avoid comments like Teaching style sucks! What a waste of time learn how to teach! ! ! ! How do I leave comments on YouTube if I'm on my iPad? Answer this question Flag as Jul 03, 2014  YouTube was one of the default apps on the iPhone and iPad up until iOS 6 but when Apple and Google couldn't come to terms over advertising Apple didn't want it in the builtin app they parted ways and YouTube went to the App Store.

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